Morticia Addams or Lily Munster?


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    Thought they are both AMAZING and beautiful I will always vote Lily Munster!
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    Both as fabulous as each other.
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    I think everyone bar 1 has voted Morticia.
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    —- 1000 times Morticia. Lily was too showy. The Addams family was realistic in comparison to the Munsters. The Munsters...
  19. khaleesinymeria answered: Both! Both of them were smart, funny, loveable and beautiful on their own account.
  20. stupittmoran answered: Morticia Addams easier to fight off Gomez than it is to fight off Frankenstein lol
  21. beepony answered: morticia!
  22. bookstore-rabbit answered: Morticia Addams
  23. alotoflovealotof-blood answered: Morticia ftw
  24. tragic-silhouette answered: Morticia!
  25. duchessrattails answered: Lily!!!
  26. ihatesalem answered: MORTICIA!
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  28. colorfuleye answered: Both *-*
  29. grimmxpukesxbats answered: morticia
  30. specialneeds66 answered: Morticia Addams
  31. thebigbadfox answered: Morticia all the way <3!!!
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  33. iamacollectionofmiscellanyandtea answered: Morticia. Hands down.
  34. defenisized-biatch answered: Lily Munster
  35. masktellstruth answered: Morticia.
  36. spinyn0rman answered: both are gorgeous.
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